• Career Technical Education & Industry Connections 

    SBHA was awarded over $2.5 million in grant funds for construction projects to support both their Biotechnology and Engineering pathways.  First, SBHA is building one of three Medical Simulation Labs in the district.  SBHA is looking toward the future and acknowledging that the medical field is a growth industry sector and is working hard to expose students to the myriad of careers available to them in the medical field.  The Medical Simulation Lab will be unique within because it will also serve as an on-site medical clinic that will offer support services in tandem with the Mission Health Services mobile-clinic that is already on-site twice a week.  Along with renovating/upgrading the space, some ideas for equipment that might be a part of the Medical Simulation Lab include three high-fidelity mannequins including: one adult, one birthing mother (obstetrics), and one infant/adolescent (pediatrics). These mannequins exhibit human physiologic functions such as blood pressure, reactive pupils, working tear ducts and heart and lung sounds. Lab participants can perform many common procedures such as starting an IV, obtaining a blood sample, inserting a bladder catheter, giving medications, treating wounds and performing specific surgical procedures.  The simulations provide highly realistic, hands-on experiences that help students learn and practice before interacting with actual patients. The lab and its equipment, and even its sounds and smells mirror that of a functioning clinic or hospital and provide students invaluable experience with real world industry skills. 

    Another piece of equipment that will be included is a 3-D Virtual Anatomy Table that allows users to investigate a realistic visualization of 3-D human anatomy and to delve inside the human body. CT scan images are augmented with 3-D modeling and annotation explaining what the viewers are viewing.  The images morph from soft tissue to hard tissue. The tissue can be sliced much like actual tissue on cadavers, but no knife is needed — just a single slide of a finger. Then, with the press of a button, the entire body is restored instantly. 

     This one room has the potential to profoundly impact the school and its community by offering a world class learning experience for its students; serving as a recruitment tool for future students and their families; and educating the local community about health and wellness.