Student Led Conferences

Understanding Student Led Conferences

  • Hosting Student Led Conferences is different from the traditional Parent Conferences schools have hosted for years. Some differences include:


    • Teacher Driven
    • Focus tends to be on behavior rather than academic progress
    • Conversation tends to focus on immediate corrective measures


    • Student Driven
    • Focus is on placing higher accountability on the student using work samples as a guide
    • Conversations are based on authentic assessment of student progress

    Additionally, the goals of Student Led Conferences are very different from traditional Parent Conferences and as we transition our instruction to a student-centered learning environment, so too must we reframe our conversations.

    Understanding the goals will help us all understand the outcomes intended for Student Led Conferences:

    • Communication between student and parent is increased
    • The focus of the conversation is on academic progress and continual learning
    • Goal Setting becomes part of the process for both the parent and the student
    • Students are the center of the conference and as a result develop real-life skills: self-evaluation, self-reflection, communication, organization, and leadership

    As always, if you need further guidance or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Main Office at 818-833-3723. 

    Traditional Parent Conferences are always available as on option at any time, you can reach out to the teacher(s) individually via their email or call the Main Office for assistance.