Biotech Summer Reading Assignment

  • Welcome to your required summer reading assignment where you will spend your summer with Mr. William Shakespeare!

    Directions:  You will read a Shakespreare play assigned by grade level and complete a Dialectical Journal.  The summer assignment is due upon return to school in August.  

    Reading List

    9th Grade:  Romeo & Juliet

    10th Grade:  A Midsummer Night's Dream                                                        

    11th Grade:  Hamlet

    12th Grade:  Othello

    Students have three options for access to the required reading:  
    •  Students can:  Download the PDF's (in NO FEAR format) from the Files section on our website
    •  Students can:  Check out a copy from the Biotech Main Office (see Note below)
    •  Students can: Purchase their own copy that they can mark-up from any retailer like Barnes and Nobles or Amazon
    Please Note:
    *If students check out play from Biotech Main Office
       ~It is on a first come / first served basis as we have a limited number
       ~Students cannot mark them up
       ~Students must return them or they will incur a charge for the play
       ~Main Office is open during the summer to check out a copy
  • Shakespreare Pic