Since 1977, the Los Angeles Unified School District (L.A. Unified) has been at the forefront of providing high-quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum designed to facilitate student learning and promote academic achievement for all District students participating in its Court-Ordered voluntary integration programs. The Magnet programs align with L.A. Unified goals: 100 percent graduation, proficiency for all, 100 percent attendance, parent, community, and student engagement, school safety, and building a solid foundation for early learners. This voluntary integration program, Magnet, was established to address the Five Harms of Racial Isolation:

    • Low Academic Achievement
    • Low Self-Esteem
    • Lack of access to Post-secondary Opportunities
    • Interracial Hostility and Intolerance
    • Overcrowded Conditions


    The L.A. Unified Magnet program is one of the most successful in the nation. Magnets offer theme-based instructional opportunities to students in grades K-12, living within the boundaries of L.A. Unified. Currently, there are 292 Magnet programs located throughout the District. All district students, including English learners, standard English learners, students with disabilities, and gifted/talented are encouraged to apply.






    Sylmar Biotech Health & Engineering Magnet is one of the 292 Magnet programs in the District.

    We are a 9th-12th grade-themed magnet in biotechnology, health, and engineering.

    Our school information is the following on the E-choices application:

    School Name

    School Code





    SYLMAR ACADEMY (Biotech/Health Engineering)



    13050 Borden Ave




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